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Our administration has followed the wise policy of the regular growth and the continuous improvement of our products and services over the years for  establishing  a good reputation in the field of detergents  manufacturing  with  the high quality and excellence and the best industry standards

Quality Certificate : 
FITCO Detergent Factory  and through its successful  journey had gained a set of ISO certificates as ISO 14001  in the Environmental requirements and OHSAS 18001 In the field of safety and security. 

Our commitment: 
Towards our shared values of integrity , mutual trust and respect , that allow us to stand by our unwavering commitment to provide the best services and products to our local and international markets. And confirm our company›s philosophy toward customer satisfaction, as well as the  innovation and  the excellence in the  production processes for all our products

Our team:
We have increasingly experienced team of highly qualified professionals, personally committed to serving our customers to ensure their satisfaction Diligently attending the ongoing research and development in manufacturing, according to  the high standards  of the updated manufacturing processes . 

Our markets
The company is direct marketing our production lines of detergents and disinfectants for traders and customers from all over the State of Qatar through the professional staff of the sales department  who are  highly trained on customer service , We also strive to find local agents and international representatives for our products

About us : 
WE are FITCO Detergents Factory , the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range  of reputable and high quality chemical cleaning detergents & disinfectants, one of Fitco Holding Group companies , that was founded in 1985 ,  and based in the State of Qatar contributing   early in the leadership process through multiple  commercial activities.

all over the state, such as  material manufacturing, Trade , contracting & construction,, food and beverage , Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG ) advisory services , communications  , media  and education. 

 The factory was established in the purpose of  supplying and covering the local market needs for the various kinds of high-quality detergents .  We have ensured achieving that through  the full attention to all aspects of our products,  from a number of the most important  of these aspects , is  the maintaining of health and safety  principles for our products also we worked with professionals who provided quality in line with the choices and desires of our customers to meet their demands and exceed their expectations.

The factory provides a wide range of locally manufactured detergents which is cleaning products with 5 registered  trademarks and represented by us . 

The factory  products has been distributed locally and internationally.