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Al Furqan
Education Technology
FITCO Detergent Factory
FITCO Paper Handkerchiefs Factory
FITCO Bakery and food products Factory
FITCO juices Factory
FITCO Contracting and Real Estate Co.
Group is owned by Mr. / Khalid Mohammed AL-Buainain

The name of the company came from two twin:
1. From the first letters of the name of the parent company Furqan International Trading Co.
2. All provided by this group of companies is exactly what the customer needs (FIT) so its FITCO

We in Furqan International Trading Company (FITCO), are very keen to diversify the agencies, hand in hand along with the meticulous choice of  high quality agencies, of well reputed companies.

For instance, we are exclusive agents in the State of Qatar for the following companies.
1. First and the largest bakeries, food powders, milks, and fresh juices factories in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (The National Milk Factory, the National Bakeries, and the Food Powder Factory). This group was founded 50 years ago. We have been working with them for number of years.
2. We have our own products, under the name of “FITCO”.
3. We are also exclusive agents for number of the best Detergent Chemical company in G.C.C.
4. Also we are exclusive agents for number of the best Mineral water Factories in G.C.C.
5. We are one of the largest Disposable Products distributors in Qatar.

Our dealing in the daily products such as bakeries, milk and fresh juices, puts us on a strong and solid position, daily distribution wise. Through the deliveries at the smallest and the largest shops, at least 3 to 7 times a week, we can impose any product on the market.
Our company has a fleet of 20 vehicles of all sizes. We very keenly select our sale agents from the local market, from among those who have long experience in the country, and know its streets. 
We also pay a very rewarding salaries and encouraging sale incentives, which make the agents to struggle hard, to make our products prevail in the market and achieve highest sale rates. You can visit the site of our company, to know the standard rank and strong position of our company at ( 

The site projects the strength, of the products we distribute.
Our policy we follow in sale of all our products, is to spend wantonly on products we sell, specifically during the first year, to familiarize the product to the customers, and to remove their apprehensions of a new product. 

For instance we hire the best and the most prominent shelves, in all vital points in all small and large shops, with no exception. 

We also lead a promotion campaign for new products, through advertisements in daily newspapers, free taste programs, and free distributions at residential complexes and campaigns at the suitable localities. 

We also distribute free gifts carrying the logo of products, at vital points, which have direct possible profit.

Our advertising policy aims at selling the largest possible quantity, while introducing a product, to the market for the first time. 

This makes the product a public theme at every gathering. We will not leave a single household, without reaching it with the product. 

We also ensure that all purchasers taste the product, within the two weeks of introduction of the product in the market.

In return, of popularizing a trade name of a product, we prefer that the producing companies choose us as their exclusive agents in the State of Qatar and in the UAE, in particular, and in the rest of the G.C.C. in general.

We set a term that the producing companies, the owners of the trade marks shall contribute partially to the cost of the necessary advertisements stated above. 
This positively reflects on the operation of the company, and on the excepted sale quantities, in the region.